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Altun Ha and Cave Tubing


Altun Ha and Cave Tubing  - The Cave Tubing and Altun Ha Combo is designed to last approximately 5.5 hours. It includes a 50 minutes drive to the cave park. As we drive to the park we will be narrating the history of Belize. Upon our arrival at the cave we will have a short restroom break. After the break you will be issued with an inner tube, headlamp, and life vests.

We will then start a 20 minutes hike through the rain forest to the entrance of the cave. As we hike we will be doing presentations on Medicinal Plants and Belize Cave Systems. The tubing part of the tour last an hour and a half. After the tubing we will drive an hour to the ruins of altun ha. We will be passing the Belize. You can add the zoo to the day’s activities with no extra cost. All you need to do is pay your entrance fees and we will do the tour of the zoo with you.

Upon our arrival at the ruins of altun ha we will have a short restroom break. After the break we will start the tour of the site. The tour of the site last an hour to an hour and a half. Whilst on the site we will do presentations on Indian History, Maya World, and Altun Ha History.

The prices are as follow:

2 persons: USD$150.00 per/ person

Group of 6+: $110.00 per/ person

Please keep in mind that the prices of our tours may vary depending on the number of persons booking. This is because we offer strictly private tours.